Return & Exchange

Before the order is sent out, it has been reviewed repeatedly to ensure that the product is of good quality, but the delivery journey may cause damage to the product. Therefore, we provide the "14-day product return and shopping guarantee". If your product is damaged when received, please call us to arrange a replacement product.

 *Because the hot stamping and sealing are made individually by hand, there will be errors, 1-2mm are within the acceptable range, please be aware.

Note: After we receive your return notice and confirm it, the products approved for return can be returned.

We will arrange the delivery of the goods again according to the delivery method of your order, and will not charge any freight. Please be prepared to return the product so that the courier can collect it.

Return rules (non-returnable products)

The following situations or products will not accept return services:

The product receipt period has exceeded 14 days.

Custom-made products, such as: company-made, custom-made with specific patterns

The product has not been properly packaged, has been damaged, damaged or incomplete.

Any free gifts and trial package gifts.

Any products not purchased by Chi Shing hot Blocking Co., Ltd.

In case of any dispute, Chi Shing hot Blocking Co., Ltd. reserves the right to make the final decision without dissent.

Refund policy

Please note that we must check and verify the returned goods before returning or refunding. If we find that the situation does not meet our return rules, all returned goods will not be returned or refunded, and we will not be responsible for returning the goods. When refunding, the shipping cost of the original order will not be refunded. Sorry for the inconvenience. We will return the total amount of the goods to you. If your returned goods come with promotional gifts or special purchase products, etc., you must also return the goods together, otherwise the refund will not be processed. If the attached gift is not returned, we will deduct the value of the gift or special offer when refunding. Commodity payment and return shipping fees will be refunded by bank deposit or Paypal. When using Paypal for settlement, profit and loss may occur according to the exchange difference between the settlement and the refund, the amount of the product payment, the return shipping fee, and the Paypal handling fee. Therefore, the profit and loss of the exchange rate and the handling fee cannot be refunded.